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Asus Eee PC 1005HA-PU1X-BU 10.1-Inch Intel Atom Netbook Computer (Royal Blue)

Asus Eee PC 1005HA-PU1X-BU 10.1-Inch Intel Atom Netbook Computer (Royal Blue)

I'll be honest with you, this is my first time writing a review for any type of product purchased online. Typically, I'm at least somewhat satisfied with what I receive and the negative issues that I deal with can be overlooked. Sadly, that is not the case with my Asus Eee PC. I will never purchase another Asus product again, and I plan to go out of my way to mention this to others when given the opportunity. Since I purchased it in August '09, it has been nothing but one issue after another.

I purchased this computer simply because it was smaller than a laptop. I'd planned to take it to class with me for nothing more than simple note-taking, and maybe the occasional web-browsing at home. I stopped taking it to class with me after a month because it wasn't worth the hassle of dealing with all of the problems.

Apparently, the battery is a common issue with Asus. Sadly, I am one of the unlucky ones who has had to experience this, myself. Within less than a month, the battery was no longer lasting its advertised "10.5 hours." Even in power saving mode, with all extraneous devices turned off (bluetooth, camera) and only running a simple word program during my 50 - 90 minute classes, the battery barely made it through the day. Finally, one fateful day, the battery completely discharged while I was using it. I plugged it in and allowed it to charge for a full 48 hours before even powering it on again, but the battery had apparently been forever changed. From that moment on, the battery would no longer charge above 97%. Running on the battery got me about 3 hours of life (on power saver), at which point the charge was at 40%. Once reaching 40%, the computer would die. I don't mean it would shut down; the battery would just die. At 40%. I've never once been able to take the computer off of its power supply for any reasonable amount of time since. Part of the reason I wanted this Eee PC was the long battery life. What a disappointment.

Dealing with customer service has also been an ordeal in and of itself. I've been trying for over 6 months now to have the battery replaced. I've talked to them through an online chat, I've talked to them through email, and I've dealt with them over the phone (when they actually answer the phone). Each time I've had to interact with them, they have been illiterate (online and email), unhelpful, and nearly impossible to understand (on the phone). I've been told at least 5 times now that in order to fix my faulty battery, all I have to do is take it out and put it back in. Or that I can discharge it completely (this is after telling them that it WILL NOT discharge below 40%). I've also been told that I can calibrate the battery in the BIOS, though no one can ever explain to me how that is supposed to be done (believe me, I've asked for instructions). Every time I've spoken to them I've had these suggestions given to me. You'd think that when they pull up my name and account record they would see that I've gone through this multiple times already. I just want a new battery. Finally, after 5 months of dealing with the runaround (and literally TWO days before my 6 month warranty was out), I was able to get them to authorize a return. This was over two months ago. All I had to do, they said, was fax over my credit card information and my invoice. Well, I've done that twice now. I've talked to them on the phone about it. They never get my information. It has me wondering if their fax machine is set up to to just spit their faxes straight into the trash can. I'll be faxing all of this over to them again tomorrow. Here's hoping it actually arrives.

Aside from this battery issue, the computer has been a host of other problems. One is a simple malware/trojan that, though I can't blame it on the computer as far as I know, has me suspicious, seeing as how every computer in this house has had the same sort of virus protection and not one of them has ever been infected with any sort of malware. Considering it seems to have been on there since day 1, I wonder if it didn't come installed with some sort of annoying pop-up generating software. Whether due to the malware or some other issue, I've had to completely clean sweep the hard drive because it would not start up--it reached the startup screen and immediately went to the blue screen. It's a good thing I purchased that external CD/DVD drive so that I could actually run the reboot disc.

The computer constantly freezes. One browser window open, with no other programs running, is apparently too much for this thing to handle. I seem to get the 'hourglass' every five minutes and it lasts longer than my patience can tolerate, a lot of the time. And I'm a pretty patient guy. Programs are constantly freezing up, 'encountering a problem and needing to close.' I realize it is running a Windows OS, but so does every other computer we've owned. We have a desktop that runs Vista, and I've encountered a minute FRACTION of the issues I'm facing with this Eee PC. Our 9 year old dinosaur desktop is faster than this 8 month old monstrosity.

Upon original purchase, I installed a 2GB RAM card to replace the 1GB that came with it. It literally did nothing to improve the computer's speed. It takes an extreme amount of time to get programs to open. Even something as simple as Microsoft Word would have me tapping my foot in class, waiting for it to open. I'd miss a good sized chunk of the lecture if I didn't arrive ten minutes early to get set up. And if your web page, powerpoint or pdf document has images on it? Don't expect to be able to scroll your screen. I am dead serious about this. The computer cannot handle any larger graphics or file sizes. Pdfs are impossible to use because it just cannot load them. Each time you move the page down, it has to take 2 minutes to load the new lines of the document. It's ridiculous.

Aside from those intricate issues, here are a few more:
-The camera is crap. It cannot take pictures because it darkens everything (no matter how bright a room you're in) and does not allow for ANY sort of adjustment of settings.
-The microphone is practically useless; it's just not sensitive enough. You have to scream to be heard.
-The speakers may as well not even be there. Completely useless. You have to use earphones if you want to hear anything.
-The shell construction is iffy. The seashell case makes it always appear dirty and is very easily scratched up. The plastic on the base part (the part that holds the keyboard) is not very well sealed together. The area on the front where the lights are makes a constant 'clicking' noise while my hand is rested on it, because the pieces of plastic are being pushed together from the weight of my hand. Every little movement makes it creak and click. The screen area is actually starting to warp and bend. The computer no longer closes flat--the right side is at a noticeable angle. I have no idea how this could have happened.
-No usable preinstalled software. I'm surprised this thing didn't come with a free trial of AOL.

So, to sum everything up, I am looking forward to the day that I replace this Eee PC with something that doesn't annoy me every time I have to look at it. I will never buy an Asus product again, and I would recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing it that they AVOID at all costs. It's cheap, I know. But please realize that you get what you pay for. The small amount of money you will save buying this netbook is not worth the hassle you will have to endure once you have it. Buy something else.Buy Cheap ASUS Eee PC 1005HA PU1X BU Blue Netbook Lowest Price, Order Now! [Click Here!]

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